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Mouse position tracker and DPI information for Windows 10

MPos is a minimalistic and easy to use tool to track the current position of the cursor on the screen. MPos especially considers High-DPI monitors and DPI scaling of Windows 10. The tracked cursor position is provided in physical/ unscaled Windows pixels and in coordinates scaled by DPI-virtualization. The tool also provides information about the DPI scaling and the raw/ physical DPI of the current monitor.


  • Track the cursor position in physical pixels (Physical) and scaled pixels (Scaled)

  • See the cursor position relative to the active window (Relative)

  • See the DPI scaling of the current monitor (Scaling)

  • See the raw (real) DPI of the current monitor (Raw Dpi)

  • Determine the color of the pixel at the cursor position (RGB)

  • Flexibly adjust shown data

  • Grab the current cursor position with global shortcut

  • Log of last grabbed cursor positions for easy copying

  • Configure appearance, opacity and dark mode

  • Fully portable with no installation needed



MPos requires Windows 10 or newer and .NET Framework 4.8 or newer. MPos does not support Windows versions prior to 10 because its DPI scaling related features depend on API methods introduced with this version.

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Version History

Read the changelog to see changes in each version.

Feedback and Support

Please leave a feedback on Sourceforge and recommend MPos if you like it. Thank you!

Places to get help:

  • Ask on Sourceforge (General help, ideas etc.)
  • Open an issue on GitHub (Bugs, feature requests etc.)


You are welcome to contribute by opening a pull request on GitHub.


This software is published under BSD-3-Clause license by Bluegrams.

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