Version 0.3 (2019-07)

A new version of Screen Ruler (v.0.3) has been released today and is now available for download on Sourceforge.

What's new

Version 0.3 introduces a few useful new features, of which some are based on user feedback. First, you can now use Screen Ruler to measure the size of windows on the screen automatically. Just press 'Z' or the corresponding context menu item and use the cursor to select one window to measure. Second, the option to measure lengths relative to the width or height of the screen is added by providing a new measuring unit 'Percent'. Additionally, there are some smaller changes. In detail, all changes of this version are:

  • New: Select a window from screen to measure it automatically.
  • New: Measuring unit: percentage of screen width/ height.
  • New: Fast resizing with mouse wheel.
  • Changed: Switched shortcuts for resizing and moving (!).
  • Fixed: Unclear menu label.