Version 0.5 (2020-02)

After the last update being released just one month ago, Screen Ruler v.0.5 again brings a couple of useful features that extend the possibilities of the tool. This time, most of the additions come from external contributors.

What's new

Besides automatically marking the center and thirds of the ruler, version 0.5 also adds the possibility to mark the golden ration in both direction. Press G to toggle the new markers. Also, to make the ruler markers more distinguishable, you can now switch on optional marker symbols (from Settings -> Advanced -> Show marker symbols). This option adds a different symbol next to each type of marking line, with numbering for custom markers. Both of these features were added by an external contributor (see Credits).

The new version also attempts to improve the possibilities to adapt the ruler tool to different displays with different scaling values. For this reason, a new calibration window is added. It allows setting concrete screen properties as well as dynamically adapting the scale based on a preview panel. To access calibration, press Ctrl+K. For more information about this feature, visit

All changes, summarized:

  • New: Marker for Golden Ratio
  • New: Symbols for marker lines (optional)
  • New: Spanish translation
  • Changed: Added window for easy ruler calibration


Special thanks for this version go to:
- Jens Bråkenhielm: goldern ratio markers & marker symbols
- Leandro Martín Drudi: Spanish translation