Version 0.6 (2020-04)

The third update of this year brings some major additions to Screen Ruler. Most notably, version 0.6 brings a new two-dimensional ruler mode that allows you to measure the screen in horizontal and vertical direction simultanously using a rectangular ruler scale.

What's new

You can enable the new two-dimensional ruler mode by selecting 'Ruler Mode -> Two-Dimensional' in the context menu. This allows you to resize the scale horizontally and vertically as well as settings markers in both directions. Also, when selecting a window on the screen for automatic measuring (press 'Z'), now both its width and height will be measured at the same time. For quick switching between the new two-dimensional mode and the original horizontal and vertical modes, you can also use Space.

The other major addition of this update is the new Slim Scale Mode which you can via the context menu or by pressing J. If enabled, only a reduced and slimmer ruler scale is shown, hiding less of the actual items on screen.

Lastly, the ruler application is now hidden from the task bar by default and displayed as an icon in the notification area. To disable this behaviour, uncheck the corresponding option in the settings.

These changes, and all others of this version, summarized:

  • New: Two-dimensional mode: measure the width and height simultaneously
  • New: Toggle ruler mode using 'Space'
  • New: Slim ruler scale
  • New Ruler icon in notification area instead of task bar
  • New: Improved dialog for setting ruler size
  • New: Chinese translation


Special thanks for this version go to:
- @lzporter: Chinese translation