Version 0.7 (2020-09)

The fourth update iteration of Screen Ruler in 2020 brings various smaller new features and improvements. As always, the new release can be downloaded via SourceForge and Chocolatey.

What's new

Version 0.7 brings a new window for managing all custom markers added to the ruler. You can open it via the context menu at Edit Markers or by using Ctrl+E. The new window lists all currently added custom markings on the ruler scale in a compact overview.

Based on user request, a new operating mode has been added: using W, you can toggle the ruler to automatically follow the movement of the cursor on the screen.

Also, some improvements for using Screen Ruler as a reading aid have been made: you optionally can hide the ruler scale, further decrease the opacity and customize the movement steps of the ruler.

Lastly, contributors have improved the language support: Italian has been added as a new translation and the Spanish translation has been updated. If Screen Ruler is not available in your language yet, please help translating it!

The changes of this version, summarized:

  • New: Added window for listing & managing custom markers
  • New: Option to hide ruler scale
  • New: Let ruler automatically follow mouse pointer
  • New: Italian translation
  • New/ Changed: Minor changes in options & settings (opacity, markers, step size)


Special thanks for this version go to:
- IlBako: Italian translation