Version 0.5.0 (2021-06)

A new version of Vividl has been released today and is now available for download via SourceForge and Chocolatey. Besides UI improvements, the new version 0.5.0 mainly brings more flexibility in configuring video downloads.

What's new

The main addition in v.0.5.0 is the new "Configure Download" window which allows a detailed configuration of the downloaded video formats and format conversions. The new window can be opened by clicking the "Configure Download" button on a video list item or by selecting "Custom Download" in the format drop-down. It shows all available video, audio and audio+video tracks available for download for a certain video. By selecting entries from the lists, you can freely configure the format and quality to download. Additional controls show conversion options as well as approximated download size.

Besides this, v.0.5.0 also brings some UI improvements. For example, video thumbnails are now shown on the main video list and a quick access to the app settings was added to the toolbar.

The included youtube-dl version has been updated to 2021.06.06.

The full list of changes, including minor improvements:

  • New: Customize download in "Configure Download" window
  • New: Show download size and resolution in "Configure Download" window
  • New: UI improvements: show video thumbnails; add settings to toolbar
  • New: Add mode to re-download videos with new name (issue 28)
  • New: Simple automatic update checking for youtube-dl
  • New: Add command to reload all videos
  • Changed: Put youtube-dl into AppData folder by default (issue 26)