Version 0.9.0 (2021-08)

The first major feature update of Screen Ruler in a few months brings a whole range of new features that broaden the range of possibilities of working with Screen Ruler. Most of the new features were implemented based on user feedback, to add your own feedback or suggestions, always feel free to open an issue on GitHub or start a discussion on SourceForge.

What's new

Ruler flipping

The first major new feature is the possibility to flip the ruler scale horizontally or vertically. In 1D horizontal or vertical mode, this flips the measurement scale to allow measuring from right to left or from bottom to top. In 2D mode, it additionally allows to change the orientation of the right angle of the ruler. By flipping horizontally, the vertically ruler moves to the right of the horizontal ruler. By flipping vertically, the horizontal ruler moves to the bottom of the vertical ruler. Using keyboard shortcuts, horizontal flipping can be achieved by pressing F, vertical flipping by pressing Shift+F.

Hypotenuse and angles

Secondly, v.0.9 adds the option to show the length of the hypotenuse in 2D mode as well as the size of the angles enclosed by the ruler triangle. There are two options here: either the right-angled triangle is defined by the horizontal and vertical ruler lengths or by the cursor position. Hypotenuse measuring can be toggled using H via keyboard shortcuts.

Command-line arguments

Next, the new version of Screen Ruler introduces command-line arguments. You can view them by executing screenruler.exe --help from a terminal. To give some examples, screenruler.exe -x 10 -y 10 --width 600 --height 400 sets a startup position and size for Screen Ruler. screenruler.exe --title "Mozilla Firefox" directly measures the window titled "Mozilla Firefox" on startup.


All changes of this version, including minor new features:

  • New: Horizontal and vertical flipping of ruler scale
  • New: Optionally show hypotenuse ("H") and angles in 2D ruler mode
  • New: Command-line arguments to set startup location or measure opened window
  • New: Add shortcut ("X") to set marker at cursor position
  • New: Allow changing of units in marker list
  • New: Setting to snap ruler scale to screen edges
  • Updated: Chinese translation


Special thanks for this version go to:

  • CloverGit for updates to the Chinese translation