Version 0.6.0 (2022-01)

The first update of Vividl in 2022 brings some bigger changes under the hood. Up until now, Vividl has used youtube-dl as its default video download engine. However, as development on this widely popular project has slowed down recently, Vividl switches to yt-dlp in v.0.6.0, a more up-to-date version of the original project. This change will not only bring better support for many websites, but also faster download speeds. The Windows installer and portable releases of the new version ship with the new engine by default. The included yt-dlp version is 2021.12.27.

What else is new

Version 0.6.0 of Vividl introduces a new automation mode. When this mode is activated, Vividl automatically scans your clipboard for matching URLs and directly fetches the matched URLs into the video list without any manual importing or pasting. This new mode can be activated via "Automate -> Auto-import URLs from Clipboard" in the main menu or by typing "F3" as shortcut and can be configured under "Settings -> Advanced".

Additionally, the new version brings various smaller improvements: MP4 video conversion can now optionally make use of a CUDA-based GPU (if available) for faster processing. MP3 downloads can now integrate thumbnail images in the final file.

The full list of changes, including minor improvements:

  • New: Smart Automation mode: Auto-import & download URLs from clipboard
  • New: Add option for CUDA-supported FFmpeg conversion.
  • New: Add thumbnails to mp3 conversion downloads (with "Add metadata to files" setting).
  • New: Minor UI tweaks (e.g. in main menu & tool bar)
  • New: Allow setting custom downloader arguments.
  • Changed: Switch from youtube-dl to yt-dlp as default download engine (faster download speed).
  • Fixed: Crash with invalid URLs in fetch window.