Version 0.10.0 (2022-09)

The tenth feature release of Screen Ruler makes some important improvements in terms of configurability and compatibility. Most notably, long requested updates for the ruler calibration as well as automatic display scaling have been added with this update. The new version of Screen Ruler is now available for download on SourceForge and Chocolatey.

What's new

Calibration and display scaling support

As Screen Ruler is used for conducting precise length measurements on screen, correct adaptation to different screen resolutions and precise calibration are crucial. Better support in both areas has often been requested in the past. So, with the release of v.0.10.0, Screen Ruler offers new, enhanced mechanisms for automatic screen resolution adaptation and ruler calibration. This mainly comes in the form of the re-designed, more flexible ruler calibration dialog, which is accessible by pressing Ctrl+K or via Calibrate Ruler from the context menu.

The new calibration dialog provides different scaling modes and settings to serve a diverse range of scenarios. You can find a blog post dedicated to these options on our website.

Keyboard shortcut configuration

The latest update of Screen Ruler also introduces the option to customize the various keyboard shortcuts used to control the app. You can access the new keyboard shortcut configuration dialog by pressing Ctrl+Shift+, or via Keyboard Shortcuts in the context menu. The opened dialog then shows a list of the configurable keyboard actions. By pressing Edit, you can customize the selected action. By pressing Reset, you reset the selected action to its default value.


All updates and fixes of this version, including minor changes, are summarized below:

  • New: Fine-grained calibration to display scaling using four scaling modes.
  • New: Monitor DPI awareness & automatic scaling.
  • New: Configuration of keyboard shortcuts.
  • New: Turkish translation.
  • Fixed: Placement of marker labels in flipped orientation.
  • Fixed: Intersecting mouse & offset labels.
  • Fixed: Various UI and usability issues & causes for app crashes
  • Updated: Spanish translation