Version 0.7.0 (2023-03)

The latest version of Vividl, released today, brings various new features and bug fixes implemented over the last few months. This especially includes better support for recent versions of yt-dlp, where multiple issues causing app crashes have been fixed. The included yt-dlp version has been updated to 2023.03.04.

All changes introduced in this version are listed below:

  • New: Add drag & drop support for importing URLs.
  • New: Add GPU acceleration option for AMD (AMF) and Intel (QSV) GPUs.
  • New: Japanese translation.
  • Updated: Dutch, Spanish and Russian translation.
  • Fixed: Various issues causing crashes with newer yt-dlp versions.
  • Fixed: App crashes with "Best direct download" option.
  • Fixed: Missing download progress bar for some downloads.
  • Fixed: Issues with audio-only downloads in custom download window.
  • Fixed: Remove unnecessary yt-dlp warnings.

Many of these changes were provided by external contributors on GitHub. Thanks to all contributors!