Version 0.8.0 (2024-01)

Version 0.8.0 marks the first update of Vividl in 2024 and releases a large set of new features, improvements and bug fixes developed in the last few months, many based on user requests. The new update is now available for download via SourceForge and Chocolatey (see links below).

What's new

The main novelties introduced in v.0.8.0 are highlighted below:

Preferred video resolution: You can now specify a preferred video resolution for download in the settings under General -> Download List -> Preferred Video Resolution. Vividl will automatically try to select download formats matching the preferred resolution for direct video downloads and video conversion downloads (falling back to lower resolutions otherwise). On a per-download basis, this feature can also be configured in the "Add New Videos" window. Further, the download format lists in the "Configure Download" window are now automatically sorted by this resolution preference. (Note that this feature only works with yt-dlp and not with youtube-dl as download engine.)

Edit download names: In the main video list and in the context menu of each entry, you can find a new "Edit Name" item, represented by a pencil icon. This allows to freely edit the the file name of each video to be downloaded.

Convenience/ UI updates: Links of unfinished downloads are now automatically cached between restarts of the app to avoid loosing the download queue when closing/ crashing the app. Videos are automatically re-fetched on re-starting the app. This behavior can be disabled in the settings under General -> Download List -> Cache unfinished entries between app restarts. Further, a new notification window has been added, accessible via the main menu under Options -> Show Notifications or via the status bar at the very bottom-right corner. This window collects all (error) notifications, limiting the number of messages shown on the main window.

The included yt-dlp version has been updated to 2023.12.30.

Changes in detail

The full list of changes in this version, including minor improvements:

  • New: Allow specifying preferred video resolution in settings & fetch window.
  • New: Support for editing video download names before download.
  • New: Add notification log window & notifications button in status bar.
  • New: Cache links of unfinished downloads between app restarts by default.
  • New: Add "best audio-only download" to default download formats.
  • New: Chinese translation.
  • Updated: Rewrite of download format selection to better target yt-dlp.
  • Updated: Remove invalid formats from download customization window; order by format preference.
  • Updated: Japanese translation
  • Fixed: Overwrite/ re-download handling for "Best direct download".
  • Fixed: App crashed when exporting video links with unavailable videos.
  • Fixed: Scrolling of settings window for larger text sizes.
  • Fixed: Settings not correctly saved when closed via "Exit" menu or changed in different tab.
  • Fixed: Video info parsing errors causing app crashes during fetching.

Where to get the update